Our Story

Kitchen King Cookware is a leading manufacturer of high quality and the best nonstick cookware in Pakistan since 1978. Professional chefs and home chefs have always counted on us due to our wide variety of cooking surfaces, styles, and sizes along with durability giving them the flexibility to select the best cooking utensil for the task and expect perfection in food.

We at Kitchen King understand that cooking can be difficult, that’s why we have been a market leader in cookware manufacturing and technology which is why we create top quality cookware to solve your most difficult culinary challenges, so you can feel confident in the kitchen. We have always aimed to deliver innovative design, producing professional and food grade cookware that has helped bring restaurant-quality meals into homes and onto dining tables.

We manufacture tough and reliable cooking utensils, from non-stick, metal finish, anodized to pressure cookers, and are successfully serving a local market.

Kitchen King is the most trusted cookware brand due to its wide international network. We never compromise on quality that is why we are manufacturing in accordance with international standards. Each batch goes through major testing platforms to keep a check on purity and absolutely free of any harmful particles.

We have the most ISO certifications in Pakistan than any other cookware brand. We are exporting worldwide; our major international customers are from USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Nigeria, Tanzania, Algeria, Kuwait and UAE etc. Kitchen King will transform the way you think about your kitchen.

Why we are the Best?

Excellent Cookware Design:

Our cookware is designed by our most talented and skilled engineers. We have spent over four decades improving our art in order to provide elegant designs to our cookware. That is why we carry the most up-to-date and greatest pots and pans sets for everyday cooking. Because of their scratch-resistant and non-toxic properties, our anodized aluminium and non-stick cooking utensils are in high demand.

Unforgettable Experience:

Our entire line of cooking products is designed to make your cooking experience more enjoyable and superficial. Our top quality cookware delivers the perfect foundation for creating everlasting experiences in your kitchen. With our best nonstick pots, pans, and pressure cookers you can make any meal appetizing while cooking quickly and easily.

Long Lasting Built:

Be assured and confident when buying Kitchen King cookware, as we use high quality pure aluminium passed through our lab to manufacture our cookware and offer the best-in-class and the most delicate material structure, resulting in outstanding cooking due to even heat distribution. That is why you can prepare healthier meals without the release of any harmful toxins or fumes which are beneficial for you and your family.

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