Lumina Gift Set – 15 Pieces


Featuring a unique cooking surface made from a high-performance non-stick coating. You can prepare healthier meals using little or no oil. It comes with glass lids for see-through cooking ensuring nothing burns.  A perfect stylish body thick gauge ensures even heat distribution for better cooking and efficient results with fantastic performance throughout.

Qty. x Item Specification
1 x Sauce Pot 22cm & 4.2L
1 x Glass Lid 22cm
1 x Sauce Pot 24cm & 5.0L
1 x Glass Lid 24cm
1 x Sauce Pot 26cm & 6.5L
1 x Glass Lid 26cm
1 x Wok/Karahi 30cm & 4.9L
1 x Glass Lid 30cm
1 x Sauce Pan 18cm & 2.0L
1 x Glass Lid 18cm
1 x Fry Pan 24cm
1 x Tawa 30cm
3 x Spoons
Weight 12.9 kg
Dimensions 48 × 39 × 33 cm

15 Pieces

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